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24 Jun 2015 

What doesn't Wal-Mart sell? | Answerbag

Quality good made by Americans who are paid a decent, living wage. Most especially goods made by GASP! UNION workers!

Fresh meat that is not prepackaged, due to the fact that their meat-cutters went union on them and they completely eliminated their fresh meat departments and went prepackaged so as to not have to acknowledge them and have an excuse to fire them.

They don't sell you the truth about their dealings with secret Chinese sweat shops employing slave labor and the fact that they refuse to disclose the location of their Chinese factories to agencies that monitor and check those factories to assure that they operate under decent and globally acceptable humane conditions.

They don't sell news of their own convictions for violating child labor laws here in the U.S., nor their policy of actually LOCKING employees in their stores till work is completed.

The don't sell the fact that their employees are expected to fashion jewellery stores india work overtime, without compensation, else Fashion Buzzer Jewellery they risk losing their jobs.

They don't sell their policy of unfair pay and promotion policies toward women employees, or their dismal benefit programs and pay scale.

They don't sell their subversive tactics to undermine any and. Go and visit journalist morgan smith's domain Fashion Jewellery stores.all attempts at unionization or their 'secret gang meetings' aimed to view more attack employees who would try try to unionize.

They don't sell their policy of moving into small towns and lowering their prices until they have put every small business OUT of business, then raising their prices. In those cases, they become nearly the only place to work and they can pay $8 an hour salaries to those that have no other choice.

What Walmart DOES sell is the future basic pay scale for American workers, since they are the LARGEST employer in the U.S.

They have SOLD OUT America and the American worker. It doesn't matter the amount you feel you are informed about Indian Fashion Jewellery and also on Fashion Buzzer Jewellery, visit these impressive web pages to be amazed at truly important facts.Every time we buy from them we compound the misery of our own American workers and those abroad.

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02 Jun 2015 

Finding Handmade Jewelry - What You Should Know

There is no reason for you to get frustrated while trying to find the handmade jewelry that you like. Most of the time you'll already have at least a vague idea or even a definite idea of what you are hoping to find.

What is important to remember is that this particular jewelry style lacks formality which means that it's not likely going to be found any place typical or normal. Try out these techniques for finding handmade jewelry.

Since just about everybody knows about, then chances are so do you. Most of the Amazon users are shoppers so you might not yet know about the marketplace they make available to sellers. You can sell just about anything there--including handmade jewelry. Yes, even jewelry they make themselves, and all you have to do is go check it out. This is a department that is full of variety. Another really good thing about shopping here is that Amazon keeps an incredibly close eye on how people conduct. To learn pertinent hints about and also on online jewellery store, see these terrific websites.their business You can be assured that you will have a rewarding experience if you buy something from other people there. is the best portal through which to buy and sell homemade things. It's easy to find a giant selection of jewelry that has been handmade by regular folks. Having been around for a long time is part of what makes people like So it has a built in trust factor. Don't ever forget, though, that you're still buying from another person.

This means that you have to perform your due diligence no matter from whom or where you are buying. As you already know, it is possible to have really bad experiences in local stores. Still, though, Etsy is incredibly popular and millions of people have purchased through it over the years.

Craft fairs are fantastic places to find and to purchase handmade jewelry. These are vastly different from open air flea markets. People who are fanatic about crafts will often travel around in their region--sometimes even as far as a few states away from where they live. Typically what happens is that there are places like malls that regularly schedule craft fairs. In my location, the entire mall will have dozens of of people spread all throughout the mall. You can come across so many things that are not ordinarily available. And one thing you'll always find are a handful of vendors who sell their own jewelry that they make.

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Shopping for handmade jewelry should be fun, not stressful.

But do your best to be patient and wait until you can find just what you've been looking for. those who are sincerely interested in SITE TOPIC GOES HERE look into or .

You should also find quite a few places that will specialize in a specific kind of jewelry. This is something that you need to remember when you're shopping, whether you're shopping on the Internet or in your area.

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